USA: Three cows swept out to sea by Hurricane Dorian found safe on an island

Three cows carried to sea by the rising waters of Hurricane Dorian in September on the US East Coast were found alive miles away on a string of sandy islands, local media reported on Thursday.

The three mammals were recently discovered by agents of the Cape Lookout National Park, three months after disappearing on September 6 when the coastline of the state of North Carolina was hit by the Category 1 hurricane.

The three cows would have swam 6 to 10 kilometers at sea before putting the hoof on their floor, in this case an island of dunes and scattered vegetation that is part of the Outer Banks, said the newspaper Charlotte Observer. This thin strip of sand, forming a string of barrier islands, stretches for over 300 km along the coast of North Carolina. The three ruminants were part of a herd living in freedom on private land on a peninsula named Cedar island.

Hurricane Dorian caused a “mini-tsunami” that killed some 30 wild horses, some of which were also taken to sea. The three cows were identified by their keeper, Woody Hancock. They are likely to be sedated and repatriated by boat to their original pasture, a spokeswoman for the Cape Lookout Federal Park, quoted by the Charlotte Observer, said.


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