Carrie Fisher Passed Away at the Age of 60

An extraordinary person in the world of acting

As a known Hollywood actress with versatility and flexibility, Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60 in Los Angeles. During her flight to Los Angeles in December 23, she suffered from a severe heart attack. To revive her life, an EMT administered CPR. When they landed, she was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. After a few days, she died that shocked his family, relatives and fans. Even though she already left the acting industry, she would still remain in people’s hearts and lives as always.
Her sudden death shocked not only her co-stars but also other people in the different parts of the world. She was famous for being Princess Leila in star wars. She was considered as one of the most amazing actresses in the industry. That is why her contribution to the world of acting will always be remembered and never be forgotten. With her excellent talent, it is not surprising to know that many people love and appreciate her as an actress.
Carrie Fisher was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds, a prominent legend and Eddie Fisher, a great singer. She has started her career as a seductive teen in a 1975 film, Shampoo. Being one of the casts of Star Wars was her biggest break. As a matter of fact, she was Princess Leia of George Lucas’ creation, Episode IV: A New Hope.
Because of her effective and efficient acting as the Princess Leia, she amazed Amy Irving and Jodie Foster. Also, she has never failed her superiors as she is an amazing talent. She served as a great inspiration and motivation for many individuals out there as well.
No doubt, star wars became a blockbuster hit not just in Hollywood but also in the different parts of the world. The movie became the second highest grossing film of all time that made Fisher known worldwide. She became an overnight star that made her feel happier and more complacent. Despite her popularity, she has never changed. As a matter of fact, she remained as humble as she was in her early years as an actress.

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Celebrity Tributes

After a statement given by her daughter, former actresses and actors in Star Wars paid tribute to Carrie Fisher. Her co-star, Harrison Ford said that Fisher was one the spectacular and brilliant people he worked with. Apart from being an awesome actress, she was emotionally fearless and funny. She made a number of people smile and even laugh.
According to George Lucas, she was an actress who was extremely talented and smart. She was also an effective writer and a wonderful comedienne with a fascinating personality that her fans and co-actors really love. He also added that Carrie Fisher was the princess of Star Wars. Indeed, Carrie Fisher was an extraordinary person in the world of acting. Aside from that, she has other potentials such as being a writer and a comedienne. She was also able to inspire and motivate others. Though she already left us, she would remain in our hearts and minds forever.


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