Game of Thrones cast tours Seville

Season six character to appear in finale

game-of-thrones-1Game of Thrones filming is halfway done in Seville, and while we may not get as much information from the set as we did in the Basque Country, there is no doubt that the comings and goings of the cast have never been so studiously photographed by fans.

Cast and crew alike appear delighted to have found such a fervent fandom in Seville, and they have been sighted making the rounds all across town, including at a soccer match between the local club and Barcelona. To say that the cast didn’t go unnoticed would be quite an understatement. With dozens of the cast’s heavy-hitters present in the city, a minor recurring cast member from season six may have gone unnoticed… But that wasn’t the case! We bring you thatpiece of spoiler-light news at the end of the article.

First, Emilia Clarke shared this beautiful picture of a gal’s night out with Lena Headey and Game of Thrones hair supervisor Candice Banks. Considering Cersei’s and Dany’s elaborate wigs, it’s no wonder Clarke and Headey became close friends with Banks!



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