Kim Kardashian confesses to suffering from disease in the face

She is back! Since the robbery of which she was victim in his Parisian hotel during Fashion Week last October, Kim Kardashian had been discreet. Traumatized by this armed attack, the queen of social networks has withdrawn from the 2.0 world. For several months, the silence radio reigned on his accounts Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But the starlet finally made its big return on its networks at the beginning of the week. And in the beginning of 2017, Kim returns more sharing than ever.

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Since his return on January 3, Kim Kardashian multiplies the posts on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. And for 2017, the starlet is less bling bling and leaves room to the natural. No more selfies or clichés ultra worked, Kim mostly published photos and a video of his small family, letting his fans share his intimacy. Kim Kardashian delivers pieces of his real life. The starlet also told her followers that she had recently suffered from a skin condition. A few hours ago, she actually posted the following message on her Twitter account: “Wait, why I have psoriasis on my face now”. A message followed by a smiley crying.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that manifests itself by the appearance of thick red patches that itch and peel. Several factors can cause the onset of this disease, including stress. And if it is benign, it does not in fact endanger the health of the victim, it is often painful and sometimes embarrassing. Depending on where the plaques are located, psoriasis can affect social life.

For Kim Kardashian who suffers on the face, it may be necessary to renounce the selfies that are its trademark.


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