Slitherio Online Game

slitherio online game

Slitherio the revolution online game

There is a year Agario, a free browser game in destroying global productivity squatting all desktop PC. Now he has an heir Slitherio, which works with the same principle.

As Agario, you need to grow your character, but this time it is not a blob but a snake.

You grow by swallowing the energy behind on the playground, but the most effective is to kill another player and then swallow his energy. For this, he must come into contact with your body! Please note, if your head touches the body of another player, you’re dead and you start again.

Important: you can have a temporary boost by pressing the up arrow key

Between Snake and Tron, is what raises your care between noon and two, but also calm morning, your afternoon lazy, etc. Slitherio is also free and playable in browser than its big brother.

Play Slitherio by following this link

Slitherio is also available on iOS and Android for mobile meander. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.


Visit :

The french gamer Squeezie test slitherio Visit his profile.



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