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10 Brilliant Ways to Use Coca-Cola Around the House

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brand names in the world. We’ve watched the commercials, heard the jingles, and we’ve seen the logo over and over (and over) again. Whether or not you drink it is beside the point for the purpose of this article. What you may not know is that Coca-Cola can be pretty useful around the house. On the pH scale, 0 to 7 is considered acidic, while 7 to 14 is considered alkaline. The pH level of battery acid is 1 while pure water has a pH of 7 on the scale. Coke has a pH level of 2.5, making it extremely acidic and useful as a household cleaner! Don’t believe me? Here are 10 ways to put it to the test:

#1 Clean Clothes

Grease stains are famously difficult to remove from clothing and stain removers can be very expensive. Here is a cheap solution: empty a can of coke into your wash along with the usual detergent and run it through a normal cycle. This is also quite effective for removing blood and it helps to deodorize smelly clothes.


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