10 Newborn tips for new moms

Newborn tips

Being a new mom can be overwhelming. You’re trying to adjust to a new schedule, new demands and new little being. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition to new mom with less stress.

#1 Be prepared

One thing's for sure: you never know what to expect when it comes to a newborn! When you leave the house, make sure you are equipped with an extra change of clothes for baby, plenty of diapers and wipes, an extra towel, pacifier and a bottle of milk or formula in case she gets hungry earlier than you anticipated.

#2 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

They don't say, "It takes a village…" for nothing! Raising a baby is hard work, but you don't have to go it alone. Enlist your hubby, your parents and your friends to help out when things get tough.

#3 Listen to your gut

As a new mom, you may get more advice on how to raise your child than you ever hoped to hear! Take it all with a grain of salt —just because grandma put her kids down to sleep on their stomachs, doesn't mean you should too. Things have changed! Ultimately, you know your baby best. Listen to her clues and your own instincts.


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