Tips: Travel to Japan on the cheap

Japan budget travel

Travel to japan

Step 1 – Go Incognito:

When you repeatedly search for a destination on your browser, you notice very often that prices go up, right? Well that’s because your browser’s cookies take you to the websites that want to make you buy a ticket before it gets even more expensive. Therefore, always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode. If you want to perform another search, close all tabs and windows and open again in incognito.


Step 2 – Choose buses over trains :

Willer Express offers a $100 pass for 3 trips and a $150 pass for 5 trips that can be used within two months but NOT consecutively. The advantage of overnight buses is that you can save on accomodation.

Choose buses over trains

Step 3 – Japanese Fast Foods:

Not only is Japanese fast food healthy-tasty, but the prices range from $3 to $6 USD only. You can also try the “Button” style restaurants  which do no usually exceed $5 USD. You can easily choose from a range of meals’ pictures, select and pay simply select and pay. You then give the cook your receipt and enjoy!

Japanese Fast Foods

Step 4 – Get the Grutt pass when in Tokyo:

If you are into sightseeing and museums, this pass offers you a free admission and a large set of discounts to more than 50 museums, art galleries, and other attractions in the Tokyo area for a $20 USD.



Step 5 – Save on accommodation:

Internet Cafes, Comic Book Cafes and Manga Kissaten are very popular in Japan and have a long-stay option. For 12 hours, you can rent your cubical for $21 USD.

save on accommodation

OR, if you are not claustrophobic, you can try Capsule Hotels. The Capsules are cheap, safe and clean. Prices range from $32 to 58$ USD.

hotel tokyo



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