Quirky yet Down-to-earth (7/12)

Johnny Depp would give strange names for his hotel stays like Mr. Stench and so in the movie Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Johnny was credited as Oprah Noodlemantra! His other quirks include watching cartoons with his kids. Maybe that is where he gets ideas for his versatile movie characters.

Once, he was almost mugged but the mugger recognized him and said, “I ain’t stealing from Captain Jack” and backed off. Depp gave him some money anyway.

Depp is also known to be a man of his promises. In one incident, Depp met a 12-year old boy named Jack Taylor in Wisconsin during filming. The actor promised him his hat which the boy said he liked, and told him he would get it in the mail after filming finished. And he did! And not just the hat, Depp also sent him various Charlie and the Chocolate Factory paraphernalia along with a signed note that read “Here is a hat for you. Hope you like this and assorted fun bits.”

By the way, though Depp plays the God of Chocolate in that movie, as a child, he was allergic to chocolate!


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