He Made A Heart-Stopping Call To His Daughter — Thankfully, She Survived

Do you let your children walk home from school alone? This dad thought his 11-year-old daughter was safe until a Heart-Stopping phone call changed everything.

The off-duty security guard called his daughter on her way home from school as per their usual routine. What he heard on the other end, however, was far from ordinary. The young girl had been snatched by a drunk man and she was attempting to fight off his kidnapping attempt.

The girl was walking home from school in Colchester, Essex, when a drunk man scared away her friend and began dragging her toward a house. For the next 40 minutes, she fought off the man as he beat her, slapping her in the face and punching her chest and stomach.

walk school alone

Then, her phone rang. Incredibly, she was able to answer and tell her dad, “A man is trying to kidnap me.” He screamed, “Just run for your life,” before the call was ended.

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On her father’s orders, the girl took off running. Moments later, her dad called back and she said, “I can’t run anymore; my tummy is hurting.” A family friend quickly located her and she was returned to her home.

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