Instead of buying a Yacht, he pledges $1 million to pay 26 kids’ college tuition.

Attorney surprises parents of 26 kindergartners by paying their college tuition


The 26 kids are still in kindergarten for now at Rio Vista Elementary School. However, their college tuition is ensured after lawyer Marty Burbank and his wife decided to invest in these kids’ future instead of a Yacht. As stated in the Independent,  “the deal, of course, comes with a tiny catch: the students at Rio Vista, in Anaheim, California, must give Mr. Burbank an annual update — either a picture or essay — about what they want to be when they grow up and what going to college would mean for their families.” It has been reported that Burbank’s pastor made him want to make a positive contribution to these kids’ lives. “I thought that buying a boat at that point would be a selfish thing,” Mr. Burbank said, so he gave about $1 million for this purpose.

Inspiring, indeed…


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