SNL spoofs The Bachelor with the cringeworthy Beard Hunk


From popping her top to bragging about her family’s multi-million dollar company, The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios definitely knows how to get Nick Viall’s attention. But is Olympios the craziest contestant to ever grace the hit reality show? And how will she win Viall’s heart?

Felicity Jones and Sturgill Simpson

Taking your top off on the first date definitely qualifies as crazy, especially when it’s done on national TV. According to Thrillist, however, there are several reasons why Olympios’ actions aren’t as crazy as they seem. After all, she did win one of Viall’s date roses, so her antics are obviously paying off.

Olympios shed her top during the most recent episode of The Bachelor. The incident happened during a wedding-themed group date. While some of the suitors donned wedding dresses for Viall, Olympios rocked a string bikini and jumped into a pool.


Viall didn’t hesitate to join a topless Olympios in the pool. The other contestants were clearly unimpressed by the move, but Entertainment Weekly reports that Viall later gifted Olympios with a rose. And not to worry, despite losing her top, Olympios explained her family would still be proud.

“I’m just so happy. Today was just a dream come true. I stepped out of my comfort zone, many different times and angles. Dad would be proud, even though I was naked. He would be proud.”

As if taking her top off isn’t enough, People reports that Olympios is accepting her role as a villain this season on The Bachelor. This includes openly making out with Viall and making sure the rest of the ladies know about it. In fact, Olympios spent a lot of time talking about Viall’s skills as a kisser, not to mention constantly stealing the attention.

Between making out with Viall and exposing her boobs, Olympios also isn’t afraid to talk about the family business. While she claims that she “runs a multi-million dollar company,” Olympios has been pretty mum on the details. As it turns out, Olympios’ family runs a company called Armor Garage that specializes in flooring products and epoxy coatings.

The verdict is still out on the net worth of Armor Garage, though Us Magazine is reporting that Olympios doesn’t run the company. Instead, the Bachelor villain works in the sales department. She also has experience in the music industry and has appeared in videos for Akon, DJ Khaled, and Pitbull.

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