Australia: attacked by a crocodile, he survives by putting his finger in the eye

Craig Dickmann, who was fishing Sunday in a place far from northern Australia, said the animal, 2.8 meters long, attacked him from behind while leaving the beach. “The moment I leave, the first thing I see is his head heading for me,” he told reporters on his hospital bed in Cairns, North Queensland, on Friday).

“This noise will haunt me forever, I think. The sound of the snapping of his jaws. ” According to the 54-year-old man, the crocodile attacked him in the thigh and tried to drag him into the water to drown him. Craig Dickmann then had the idea to push his thumb into the eye of the reptile, the only “soft part” of the animal, which has a very hard skin. “I pushed as far as possible and started to let go,” said the ranger. After a few minutes, he says he managed to get on the crocodile’s back, close his jaws and push him away. Craig Dickmann, who escaped with bites on his hands and legs, then drove for 45 minutes to his home before calling for help.

“This crocodile was particularly cunning and devious,” said the ranger. In a statement, the Queensland authorities claimed to have euthanized the animal this week. Marine crocodiles, up to seven meters long and weighing more than one tonne, are numerous in the tropical areas of northern Australia. But attacks against humans are rare.


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